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Pro Makeup Certification 
Launch Your Makeup Career In 2 Weeks!

IMA student applying makeup

Pro Makeup Certification 
Launch Your Makeup Career In 2 Weeks!

Pro curriculum


The skincare section of our curriculum focuses on the skin as it pertains to makeup application. Skincare is the true foundation of makeup applications.


Skin type identification

Proper skincare routines
Skincare products and uses
Layering skincare before makeup
Skincare ingredients and definitions

Color Theory

Color theory is used for many aspects of makeup application including color correction, eyeshadow application, blush, etc.


Complexion and undertone

Color correctors & neutralizing

Foundation matching

Grouping color products-lips, blush,

Customizing foundation shades


About Eyes

Explore many techniques of eyeshadow application based off eye shape.


Eye shapes and spacing

Multiple shadow applications

Proper blending techniques

Classic & trendy looks


Photoshoot & Pro Headshots included!

We will briefly discuss the following

Tv & Film do's & dont's

Men's Grooming (Video)


The correct tool can make all the difference in your applications. We will discuss each tool, functionality and hygiene.

Tools of the trade - brushes, sponges & other tools
Hygiene standards
Sanitary station setup

Highlighting & Shading

Techniques to reshape the face by adding light and dimension.

Determining facial bone structure

Corrective makeup for face shape [highlight & contour]

Prep, prime and setting products

Finishing the look

Finishing products & techniques

Types of powders and uses

Touching up

Lip techniques


Learn which products work best for each skin type, skin tone, or application type.

Understanding products and ingredients

Foundation formulas

Prep, prime and setting products

Brow & Lash Theory

Brows frame the face. They are an essential part of makeup application.

Brow theory and correction


Lash theory

Eyeliner techniques

Strip lash application

Industry Marketing

Learn necessary steps to attract the right clientele.

Business image and branding

Social media marketing

Business marketing

Pricing & Contracts

Business registration

Portfolio building



Weekday Course

2 Weeks


5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

2023 Upcoming Dates

November 2023

November 6th - November 16th

2024 Upcoming Dates

January 22 - February 1st, 2024

February 19th - February 29th, 2024

March 18th - March 28th, 2024

April 15th - April 25th, 2024

May 13th - May 23rd, 2024

July 8th - July 18th, 2024

July 29th - August 8th, 2024 (FULL)

August 19th - August 29th, 2024

September 23rd - October 3rd, 2024

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