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Kits & Tees

​Kits and tees are offered by outside vendors. Please click the links to be taken to their websites to order.


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IMA LOGO T-Shirt (Optional)......  $20- $24











IMA LOGO Tote Bag (Optional).....  $20

IMA Student Kit-New Kit Options.


IMA Kits are supplied by Graftobian. Please click to view kit.

IMA Standard KIT (Recommended: Basic Kit) 

IMA Deluxe KIT  (Deluxe Kit)

Makeup Program

32 Hours - Express Certification


60 Hours - Pro Certification


100 Hour Course - Master Certification


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Payment (& Plans)

We offer 2 ways to pay for classes.

IMA does not accept Federal Aid. 

Deposit Method:

Pay $400 upon registration &

$1100 due 1st Day (32 & 60 Hours)

$1845 due 1st Day (100 Hours)

Balance Due on 60 & 100 hour courses the 3rd week of class. Balance due 1st day of class for 32 hour classes.

(Payment terms further explained during registration)

For all other plans and more details, please see Financing

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One-on-one personal class ...... $125/hour


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