Financing & Payment Options

Payment Options

IMA does not currently accept federal financial aid, but we do have a few payment options.


1. Out-of-Pocket

Any prospective student can pay in full at the end of registration for classes and workshops. 


2. Payment Plan

At the end of registration, student has the option to pay all or part of the tuition and fees. If student chooses to pay only part of the tuition/fees at the close of registration, a minimum deposit of $400 for certification courses. Workshop deposits vary and will be noted during registration.

When choosing this option, student must have the 1st level paid in full by the 1st day of class. The remaining balance is due the 3rd week of class (if completing full 5-week certification).


3. Discover Personal  Loan. Credit Based. See below.

*Disclaimer: Industry Makeup Academy is not affiliated with Discover Personal Loans. This link is a suggested lender based off loan terms and credit impact.


Go to Discover Credit Website: Discover Personal Loans

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