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Free Training for Makeup Artists

Welcome to your complimentary Makeup Artist Blueprint.  To get started, watch this 20 minute video on how to build your Makeup Artist Business.  It's a great resource for aspiring MUAs who are currently working a 9-5 and looking to supplement their income or to transition into full time Makeup Artistry.  Below this video, you'll have access to complimentary Makeup Artist Checklists to get your career started.

Makeup Kit Essentials

Here's everything you need to get started for your Professional Makeup Artist Kit. These items can be purchased from your local drugstore to online and in specialty makeup stores. We recommend that you start with the basics and invest in your kit as you begin to earn revenue from taking on more clients.  It's also smart to apply to the Professional Makeup Artistry programs in order to secure pro discounts.  Graduates of IMA's Makeup Artist Certification are eligible for many of these programs.   Here is a list of our favorite Makeup Retailers:

MUA Checklist.jpg

Hygiene and Sanitation

To make sure you're up to Industry Standards in this Pandemic, we're also including a Makeup Artist Covid Safety Checklist.  We've listed the necessary hygiene and sanitation materials to include in your kit.  If you work on Set these kit upgrades will follow industry and union governances.  Some states offer different regulations according to Covid Safety Measures and we recommend that you research those guidelines as well.

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