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Airbrush Workshop


This is a Hands-On Course that will give you Hands-On Experience.

Airbrush Application is the preferred technique for High Definition and

digital photography. Learning the proper way to apply airbrush makeup will

enhance your makeup artistry and set you apart by knowing how to achieve a

flawless "no touch-up" needed look every time. This 1-Day Intensive Workshop marries

practical application with fundamental principles that will allow you to achieve a picture

perfect finish every time!!! Photographers and Clients will love you, Save Time while

Earning More! Register Today!!

What You Will Need

*Airbrush System - You can use one of our Airbrush System provided during class or

purchase your own.


Recommended Airbrush System: (Order directly from Temptu.

We recommend you order the kit for your own skin tone.

We will have additional colors in class.) Click Here)


What's included in our Airbrush Workshop:​

  • Intro to Advanced Techniques

  • Overview of Airbrush Makeup

  • Understanding Airbrush

  • Airbrush System Assembling

  • Demo: Airbrush Hand Positioning

  • Demo: Application On Model

  • Student Practice 

  • Certificate From Industry Makeup Academy


SFX Workshop 


What You Will Need

*All supplies will be provided. We will supply a mini SFX kit.
This is a 1-Day Intensive Workshop.

What's included in our SFX Workshop:


  • SFX Makeup Kit Overview & Setup

  • Creating Texture & Homemade FX

  • Bruises

  • Cuts/Scrapes

  • Burns

  • After FX/Makeup Removal

  • A Certificate From Industry Makeup Academy

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