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How To Condense Eyelashes In Your Makeup Kit

Storing various sets of eyelashes in your makeup kit comes in handy, but can take up a lot of valuable space. Here are some of IMA Alumni, Emmalee Mims' recommendations for the best products to condense and store lashes in your makeup kit.

The Taxi - Vueset ($18) - "I could fit so many pairs of lashes into the Vueset Taxi! A lot of artists really enjoy Vueset containers to hold their lipsticks and cream products as well!"

Round Eyelash Trays - Amazon ($9.99) - "How I organize my lashes currently is by putting them on these lash holders..."

Cylinder Stackable Bead Containers - Amazon ($13.89) - "...and organizing it by style into this stackable case."

For more Kit Condensing tips from Emmalee, be sure to follow her on Instagram @emmaleemimsartistry

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