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The Perfect Holiday Look - Lips & Lashes

We are officially in the midst of the Holiday season. Are you getting ready for Holiday get togethers and parties? This is a great time to pay special attention to your glam routine to have you looking and feeling your best for all the festivities. Makeup Artists are experts at making a big impact with a little bit of makeup. Here are two secrets that MUAs use to take your look from everyday to Holiday.

Strip Lashes Make your Eyes Pop!

False lashes are no longer a secret tool for Makeup Artists and celebrities, everyone can wear them. They may seem intimidating to apply but a few of these tips and a little bit of practice will make you a pro in no time.

  1. Trim your lashes - Place the false lash on your lid above the natural lash line. There should be a small gap in the front where your natural lashes begin. If you see that the false lash falls outside the outer edge of your eye, this is what you want to trim. That way, your lashes stay upright and don't sag down.

  2. Use tweezers - Tweezers allow you to pick up the false lash and go close to the eyes for extra control and precision. This is also great for those with longer nails.

  3. Use clear lash glue - Dark lash glue is great if you want to blend the lash glue into a black eyeliner but a clear lash glue will be invisible. If you make a mistake you won't see the glue residue.

Red Lips are a Holiday Staple

If there's one makeup look that has stood the test of time, it's a classic red lip. It's so festive for the holidays and looks good on any face shape, skin type or tone. Here are a few tips for easy application:

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Lips beforehand. You want a smooth canvas so your lipstick applies evenly. We recommend a sugar scrub and a hydrating lip moisturizer like Aquaphor.

  2. Line your lips. A lipliner creates the perfect outline and shape for your red lip. It's much easier to get a neat lip line by lining first rather than going straight in with lipstick.

  3. Apply concealer. If your lip line is a little uneven, take a small concealer brush and a concealer that matches your skin tone and trace outside the lip line. This evens out any imperfections and makes for a super clean lip.

If you want a little help on your lip and lash education, Industry Makeup Academy offers personalized one on one makeup lessons and shopping excursions to get your Holiday glam right. You can also give the gift of personal beauty with our Personal Makeup Class e-Gift Cards! Choose from our Virtual Session for $99, In-Person Session for $185, or our In-Person Personal Shopper for $100.

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